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Gem Stones

Sourced from France, the Gem Extract anti-aging complex our skincare has been scientifically proven to help the skin protect itself from damaging environmental aggressions and help support important regeneration so skin cells renew and function optimally.

Rhodolite(or Rhodochrosite) is known as an anti-stress stone. It is rich in manganese, an essential element.When combined with the copper found in Malachite,Rhodolite helps support the synthesis of the conjunctive tissue fibers, elastin and collagen which are essential for skin firmness while it fights against lines and wrinkles. 

Smithsonite encourages harmony and is recommended for reducing anxiety. Rich in zinc, which is instrumental in elastin synthesis, the extract taken from Smithsonite, called Zincite, provides the best daily cell protection against environmental stress.

Hematiteis a powerful jewel, rich in iron. It has a genuine regeneration effect that helps to reactivate pro-collagen synthesis (pro-collagen is the supporting tissue of the dermis) and restores tone, density and firmness, protecting youthfulness.

Malachite, a symbol of creativity and harmonizing energy flows, is rich in the essential trace element, copper.Considered an elixir for skin survival, it provides a protective armor against hostile environmental aggressors.For centuries Malachite has been used in beauty preparations, today the properties of this gemstone provide modern defense.