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Rather than subscribing to the belief that a single “hero ingredient” produces long-term benefits, we layer synergistic, highly concentrated, and proven ingredients to deliver on our promise of lasting results. No unnecessary fillers in our products or watered-down formulas.
Anti-Aging Essential Serum


A highly effective serum saturated with active ingredients that dramatically improve dryness, helps smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, helps to retain firmness and improves overall skin radiance.

  • Infused with DermaGem® Skincare’s signature 4 gem extract blend.
  • Thicker formulation than more traditional serums yet rapid absorption into the skin.
  • 20 active ingredients targeting skin hydration.
  • 16 active ingredients helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 16 active ingredients dedicated to help firm and tighten skin.
  • 2 active ingredients addressing skin tone and brightness.
  • QuSome encapsulation delivery system for optimal performance of active ingredients.

Ingredient Highlights:

Rhodochrosite Extract (or Rhodochrosite), Malachite Extract, Hematite Extract, Smithsonite Extract

Lipobelle Glacier is based on pure Swiss glacier water encapsulated into liposomes which help enhance its penetration into skin resulting in a deep and long-lasting hydration. It helps to improve the skin’s smoothness, moisture balance and suppleness, maintaining skin's moisture all day long and providing comfort for dry skin and 24h refreshing hydration.

Snow Algae Powder is based on the extract of a unique algae species that thrives on glaciers and has been shown to help improve the longevity of the skin cells. We’ve included this ingredient to help improve hydration in the skin for a more supple complexion, to boost collagen production for improved texture and appearance, and help protect skin from environmental damage.

Alp Rose is based on the stem cells from the Swiss Alpine Rose leaves. This beautiful flowering plant adapts to extreme conditions such as the cold, UV and dryness. Alp rose extract mimics these properties helping to fortify the skin barrier function which helps keep skin hydrated. It also helps to regenerate important skin proteins for softer lines and wrinkles.